Automatic S-Video/Audio Selector
Automatic S-Video/Audio Selector

Part #: S-Video/Audio Selector

As your audio/video system grows with the addition of satellite, DVD and game consoles, you will eventually run out of inputs on your television or A/V receiver. Put an end to cable swapping with this auto-sensing A/V selector. The sensor looks for a piece of A/V equipment being turned on and automatically switches to that input. You can also manually switch to a desired input from the front of the selector. Four S-Video plus audio inputs and two outputs to rout signals to your television, recorder or other A/V input device. This selector is easy to install and includes 1 set of audio/video cables and power adapter. Features: Video Inputs: 4 S-Video Female Video Outputs: 2 S-Video Female Audio Inputs: 4 Dual Channel RCA Female Audio Outputs: 2 Dual Channel RCA Female Perfect for connecting multiple input devices to two different output devices without having to swap cables Instantly adds additional S-Video ports to any device Selected signal feeds both outputs simultaneously Automatically detects which input device is powered and switches to that device

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